The Next Generation Live


Release date: 05 - 06 - 2020


For more than 20 years, GROUNDATION, a legendary band on the international reggae scene, has traveled the world with their captivating reggae jazz. This style of music is today their trademark, an art of which they’ve become the undisputed masters.

In 2018, the charismatic leader HARRISON STAFFORD with his captivating voice and his singular texts, gathers around him the best musicians throughout California. This new generation injects its impressive talent and creativity into Groundation’s original blend of reggae and jazz.

In September 2018 the Californians were back with a new album. THE NEXT GENERATION was a high point in the history of the band, a page that turns to look to the future, to moving forward.

Always pushing this extraordinary musical experience further, HARRISON STAFFORD leads the group to the four corners of the world to defend this new album, this new formation which marks the big return of the group.

Then comes the desire to immortalize this moment, these concerts and these meetings with a magnificent audience, always as loyal. This is how BACO RECORDS label sends its sound engineer on the road with the band, in order to record the best of several gigs during the Italian tour.

You will certainly be pleased with the result. GROUNDATION is in concert in your home, with you anywhere! We know the talent of the band to make concerts full of fervor and improvisation. This new live album, the first in the history of the group, will be an opportunity to rediscover them classics, as well as some songs from the last album !